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Blended Ice


Design / Art Direction / Photography

Fashion Blends

McDonald's collaborated with two up-and-coming fashion vloggers to promote a limited edition Blended Ice drinks range, available in restaurants during summer 2015. Sam King and Lily Melrose went head to head in a Fashion Blends competition to see who could come up with the best summer looks, leaving the voting in the hands of their fans.

The competition was split into three phases to coincide with the product launch dates in restaurants across the country. Each stage lasted for a total of 2 weeks, where fans could vote and share their favourite outfit  – with a chance to win one of the winning male or female outfits. 


The Products


The Stylists

Sam and Lily were given a detailed brief, a fixed budget of £250 at Top Shop (for each outfit) and were required to create a male and female look which best represented each unique flavour in the Blended Ice range. Both Sam and Lily were featured wearing their summer outfits as well as a male and female model for their other looks.


The Looks

Each stylist created 6 outfits: male/female and daytime/evening wear. I photographed all the individual items, comping them together to showcase the complete looks. These were featured in the app when a user clicked on an outfit for a more detailed view of the products. 


Mobile App

The first section of the app introduced the competition, the brief, the stylists and the products.  The second section displayed the four male/female looks created by the stylists.  As votes were submitted, the percentage values increased or decreased based on popularity. This created an incentive for the stylists to promote their outfits on social media in order to receive more votes. Only one of their looks could win per stage. 

The countdown indicated the amount of time left to vote. Once voting had closed, a new screen displayed the winning outfit and a new timer showing when the next phase started.