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Diagnostic Hair App


UI Design

Nexxus App

In Spring 2015, Nexxus launched their New York salon hair care products in UK. To accompany the in-store launch at Selfridges, we were asked to design a diagnostic hair app for iPad Mini. The aim of the app was to guide users through a series of questions to determine which hair care range and additional products would best suit their hair type and hair ambition. Working closely together with a UX designer and taking visual cues from the new look and feel of the Nexxus website, I crafted a clean, minimal and elegant design for the app.


Display cases and photos by StudioXag


Nexxus at Selfridges London

The iPad Mini's were built into each of the display cases for all four Nexxus product ranges, enabling customers to engage with the app at their own leisure or with the assistance of the brand ambassadors.


The Questions

Examples of the types of question pages included in the app. 


The Section Dividers

These pages divide the questionnaire into sections based on the appearance and condition of the user's hair as well as their routine; featuring models from the Nexxus campaign.


The Results

At the end of the questionnaire, a recap of all the user's answers are displayed in a summary page.  Based on these answers, a bespoke hair care regime is created, highlighting the recommended Nexxus products.